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Honeycomb carton
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Honeycomb carton (2)

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From creating to printing your honeycomb cardboard boxes, our installations and expertise are give us the opportunity to offer an outstanding service to meet your needs. Whether it is for our on-demand box service or for large production, our research and development department will suggest you the best option for you! Our graphic designer will guide you for your graphic design and information to print on your cardboard boxes while following your shipping standards.

What are honeycomb carton?

The honeycomb carton is made by punching, cutting and pasting of honeycomb paperboard, and the paper corner is attached at the cardboard interface for reinforcement; it can be designed into a whole type, combined (removable), integrated bottom type and other different configurations according to actual needs. Convenient to handling and loading

The material is lighter and can be customized according to the size and specifications of the item. It is mainly used to replace the wooden box for transportation.

Compared with the performance of the wooden box, the cushioning performance is 2~8 times higher and the weight is 55%~75% lighter

The combination is fast, saves time and labor, exquisite craftsmanship, good sealing performance, and can save a lot of wood resources. It is an internationally recognized new environmentally  packaging product.

Honeycomb carton series products not only have the characteristics of resistance to extrusion, anti-buffering, strong shockproof, etc., but also have good protection performance for product inside the box, and can be specially treated to achieve waterproof and moisture-proof effects.

Can be used in the packaging industry, stone industry, home appliance industry, furniture industry, electronic communications, mechanical and electrical machinery, clothing and other industries.

It is the development trend of international packaging materials application in the future.

Beneficial possibilities

It is important to know that there are different types of honeycomb carton. Depending on the product to protect, we will suggest you the right honeycomb carton that fit your needs. You will find more details about these types in our sheet section.

ZYD team will offer you as many options as possible in relation to your realities, objectives and supply constraints. Whether it is for our single box service or for large quantities, it will be our pleasure to find the right solution for you!


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