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Cardboard Angle Prot
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Cardboard Angle Protectors (2)

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Corrugated cardboard edges are one of the most popular protection products. Designed to protect your products and optimize your packaging time

What are Cardboard Angle Protectors?

The «L» shape is an easy and effective way to protect your corners. It is designed to eliminate impact and abrasion damage by protecting every surface of your product. In addition to being recycled and recyclable, these cardboard protectors are flexible and will fit almost any irregular shapes. The length of the sides, for example, can be adjusted according to your needs and both sides can be of different sizes.

Beneficial Possibilities !

We produce custom made protective items to meet the unique needs of  our customers. Our expertise and installations allow us to offer custom-made products with impact resistance management. It is also possible to add layer of foam for maximum protection. All these benefits are also possible in our 3 edges models.

First the V-king is a corner with a built-in puzzle shape cut. Thanks to this die cut, it is possible to create a perfect and resistant corrugated cardboard angle protector without any tools or glue and all in seconds. It is the most versatile in its category. You can cover long length or a simple corner detaching the pre-cut part. This operation is simple and will save you time and money!

The pre-cut corner is a normal corner with a built in dotted line to help you separate the bar into small pieces. It offers all the custom-made possibilities and will allow you to optimize labour time by reducing handling and the use of tools. Thanks to pre-cutting, you will be able to cut equivalent lengths corners. Rapid packaging and standardization of purchasing at its best!

Finally, the natched corners are long corner on which we remove a triangle cardboard piece to help you protect all the corners of a furniture, for example, with only one bar. These holes will help to properly protect the corners of your product.

Whichever option best suits your products and workplace, our development team will always be there to help you find the optimal solution!


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