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Paper packaging (2)

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Are you looking for a protection or a way to fill up empty spaces while respecting weight restrictions? Let us tell you about our cardboard honeycomb! This type of cardboard provide excellent protection for your product and will prevent friction during transportation. Their lightness offers maximum protection without even increasing the freight cost.

What is Honeycomb cardboard ?

Assembled to form hexagonal cells, the thin sheets of cardboard are then covered with two other sheets to form a “sandwich” of the desired height, as you need between 5mm~70mm. The honeycomb shaped structure provides a material with minimal density and relative high compression properties. The cells serve to reinforce the strength of an element while guaranteeing maximum lightness.

The cardboard honeycomb is surprisingly strong and rigid. Giving it a resistance ranging from 11 to 90 PSI, and considering its density, it is an excellent score by calculating the breaking point.

Beneficial possibilities

This product is surprisingly strong and rigid owing to the density of the board. Don’t get fooled by its lightweight since it is as efficient as wood!

ZYD is committed to offer its customers a unique and personalized service as well as the best solution adapted to each product protection needs. It is not only about providing maximum protection, but offering the ideal one. Like other packaging supplies, cardboard honeycomb can be personalized: length, width and height of the product can be custom-made. We also offer the laminating option with different materials such as vinyl and plastic film, or add PVC or wood to the surface of the product. Our production’s flexibility allows us to work with several components; just ask our team. Due to their density, cardboard honeycomb are surprisingly strong and sturdy. Do not be fooled by its lightness, they can be as effective as wood!

So if you are looking for recycled, recyclable, lightweight, easy to handle product which offers great resistance while reducing your costs, do not hesitate to contact us. Our team is always looking for new challenges and creating winning solutions!


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