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Printable cardboard
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Printable cardboard

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It’s an environmentally friendly panel, 100% recyclable, made of a honeycomb core from corrugated cardboard with face sheet, UV-printable on both faces.


Honeycomb cardboard has a wave structure: a straight and a corrugated paper layer will be coupled thus creating a stiff and non-deformable panel.

Honeycomb Panel offers a higher strength and stiffness than the expanded material of the competitors, for high performance application.

Expanded honeycomb core having an hexagonal cell and flexible structure.


At first glance, ZYD's material looks very much like the competitors’ material, but it doesn’t!


Honeycomb Panel is printable on both faces with flatbed printers.

Can be easily cut, creased and milled with the modern cutting plotters performing cut through and 45°.



Honeycomb Panel has many applications : advertising, creation of displays, tables, chairs, stands, exhibition stands, shop fittings and shop windows,Kiosks,Trade show signage,Mounting photos and flat artwork,Structural designs.



The alveolar structure makes it very strong and stiff.



Among all stiff materials, Honeycomb Panel is one of the lightest one, easy to use and to transport.


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