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What are the advantages and disadvantages of honeycomb paperboard?

Release time:2020-03-16 14:09:52  Views:745

The advantages of honeycomb paperboard:
1. Low material consumption, high specific strength and specific stiffness, and light weight.
Bees are consumed with the least amount of material to create the largest and most robust honeycomb. According to scientific research, the geometry of the honeycomb forms an overall structure like an arch bridge, which increases the compressive strength of the surface by a factor of 100. Honeycomb paperboard uses a honeycomb structure and is therefore also consumed with the least amount of material for maximum volume and maximum strength and stiffness. In the case of the same paper consumption, it is higher than corrugated board, close to EPS (expandable polystyrene foam), only a few tenths of water.
2, excellent buffer vibration isolation function
Honeycomb paperboard is a core structure with excellent cushioning and vibration isolation, close to EPS.
3, good insulation, sound insulation performance
The honeycomb core of the honeycomb core is a closed structure in which it is filled with air and does not flow through each other. Therefore, it has good heat insulation and sound insulation properties.
4, the strength, stiffness is easy to adjust
By changing the thickness of the core paper, the weight of the core or changing the aperture of the honeycomb core and the height of the stem, the honeycomb paperboard can obtain different strength and rigidity.
5, can be treated with special processes to obtain unique features
Honeycomb paperboard is a full-paper material that is easy to handle with special processes to achieve special properties such as water resistance, flame retardancy, mildew resistance, and curing enhancement. This is one of the reasons why honeycomb paperboard can be promoted and applied.
6, the export does not need fumigation, free of quarantine
Since the honeycomb paperboard is subjected to infrared drying or microwave drying in the production process, it is equivalent to being disinfected and sterilized, so the outlet does not need to be fumigated and is not quarantined. This can be used to replace the wood to some extent for the packaging of the exported product.
7, environmentally friendly products
Honeycomb paperboard is non-polluting in the production process, can be recycled, and is easy to dispose of. Therefore, EPS can be used as a buffer material.
Disadvantages of honeycomb paperboard:
1, poor resistance to breakage, folding resistance, puncture resistance, etc., which limits its application in some aspects;
2, the processing performance is poor, can not be easily made into box-shaped packaging containers like corrugated cardboard, even if it can be produced, the degree of automation is low during production;
3. When printing at the same time, the printing suitability is poor, which can not meet the needs of modern decoration and decoration, which also limits its application in packaging.