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Honeycomb and honeycomb paper

Release time:2020-03-16 14:10:35  Views:612

Aeronautical scientists have encountered a very difficult problem in the manufacture of aircraft. The cabin of the aircraft is both strong and light. There is a contradiction between strength and weight. Therefore, in addition to selecting lightweight and high-strength materials, the most reasonable structural form must be selected.
So what kind of structure is the most reasonable? After a long period of searching, scientists finally got inspiration from the honeycomb. Bees are called genius architects by humans, and the honeycomb they build is a wonderful building. Each hive is a hexagonal hollow cylinder with six sides adjacent to the other six cells. The bottom wall of each hive is composed of three diamonds, which coincide with the hive of the next layer. Such a structure has the least amount of materials, can withstand the maximum load force, and has excellent mechanical properties. Aluminum honeycomb structures are now used in many aircraft.
As human environmental awareness has increased, foam plastics and wood packaging are gradually being phased out, and the development of an alternative has become a top priority. The bionics created honeycomb paper based on the structure of the honeycomb. How do you make a honeycomb structure in the middle of cardboard? The recycled paper is first bonded layer by layer and then cut longitudinally into a length, which is the honeycomb core. Then bond the paper cores of these segments. The honeycomb structure appears by the stretching of the machine. Cover the upper and lower sides of the cardboard, which is the honeycomb paperboard.
Honeycomb paper is a lightweight new material that consumes the least amount of material and is extremely strong. Its fastness and resistance are far greater than corrugated paper. Each square meter of honeycomb paper can withstand a ton of pressure, which is comparable to wood.
The inner core of the honeycomb paper is a plurality of closed cells, and the air inside is not circulated, so that it has good heat insulation, heat insulation and sound insulation properties. After special treatment, the honeycomb paper can also be flame-retardant, moisture-proof and mildew-proof.
China's forest coverage is low, coupled with deforestation in some areas, resulting in soil erosion and ecological imbalance. Honeycomb paper can be recycled from recycled paper, waste wood, and straw. It can be recycled 100% after use. Replacing paper with wood can save increasingly depleted forest resources. Honeycomb paper can replace foam and reduce white pollution. It is an emerging green packaging material in the 21st century. Mechanical and electrical products, household appliances, ceramic products, etc. can be packaged with honeycomb paper.
Modern metropolis, skyscrapers towering into the sky. The higher the floor, the greater the load on the foundation. The use of honeycomb paper instead of conventional building materials as a partition wall can reduce the weight of the building. Honeycomb paper can also be used as a substitute for wood for furniture, which is not only durable but also saves wood.
Humans have always imitated the form, structure and function of living things to develop themselves better. With the increasing awareness of the public's environmental protection, the application of honeycomb paper will have a broader prospect.